Metallica Setlists

Please note that some songs' statistics may still be incorrect.
For the time being, the list of shows where the song was performed as well as its play count are only informative.
I'm hard at work improving accuracy.

Seek & Destroy (Includes an excerpt of 'The Outlaw Torn')

Play count: 51

05/30/1994Buffalo, NY
06/01/1994Holmdel, NJ
06/03/1994Quebec City, Canada
06/04/1994Toronto, Canada
06/05/1994Syracuse, NY
06/07/1994Allentown, PA
06/08/1994Long Island, NY
06/10/1994Essex Junction, VT
06/11/1994Mansfield, MA
06/12/1994North Swanzey, NH
06/14/1994Philadelphia, PA
06/15/1994Mechanicsburg, PA
06/17/1994Middletown, NY
06/18/1994Cleveland, OH
06/19/1994Cincinnati, OH
06/21/1994Detroit, MI
06/22/1994Detroit, MI
06/24/1994Ionia, MI
06/25/1994Des Moines, IA
06/26/1994Somerset, WI
06/28/1994St. Louis, MO
06/29/1994Columbus, OH
07/01/1994Milwaukee, WI
07/02/1994Indianapolis, IN
07/03/1994Chicago, IL
07/17/1994Vancouver, Canada
07/19/1994Seattle, WA
07/20/1994Portland, OR
07/22/1994San Francisco, CA
07/23/1994Sacramento, CA
07/24/1994San Bernardino, CA
07/26/1994Dominguez Hills, CA
07/27/1994Phoenix, AZ
07/29/1994Park City, UT
07/30/1994Las Vegas, NV
07/31/1994San Diego, CA
08/02/1994Albuquerque, NM
08/03/1994Denver, CO
08/05/1994Dallas, TX
08/06/1994Austin, TX
08/07/1994Houston, TX
08/09/1994Oklahoma City, OK
08/10/1994Kansas City, MO
08/12/1994Pittsburgh, PA
08/13/1994Saugerties, NY
08/14/1994Washington, DC
08/16/1994Charlotte, NC
08/17/1994Nashville, TN
08/19/1994Atlanta, GA
08/20/1994Tampa, FL
08/21/1994Miami, FL

Created by: Michal Stankoviansky