Metallica Setlists

Please note that some songs' statistics may still be incorrect.
For the time being, the list of shows where the song was performed as well as its play count are only informative.
I'm hard at work improving accuracy.

The Judas Kiss

Play count: 30

02/25/2009Nottingham, England
02/26/2009Manchester, England
03/03/2009Newcastle, England
03/25/2009Birmingham, England
03/28/2009London, England
04/01/2009Paris, France
05/04/2009Stockholm, Sweden
05/07/2009Leipzig, Germany
05/09/2009Stuttgart, Germany
05/12/2009Hamburg, Germany
05/17/2009Cologne, Germany
06/15/2009Helsinki, Finland
06/19/2009Nickelsdorf, Austria
06/20/2009Nijmegen, Netherlands
06/24/2009Rome, Italy
07/14/2009Madrid, Spain
07/22/2009Copenhagen, Denmark
07/30/2009Oslo, Norway
09/20/2009Montreal, Canada
10/15/2009Cleveland, OH
10/18/2009Charlotte, NC
10/27/2009Toronto, Canada
11/01/2009Quebec City, Canada
11/15/2009New York, NY
12/10/2009Anaheim, CA
01/22/2010Buenos Aires, Argentina
03/01/2010Guadalajara, Mexico
04/14/2010Oslo, Norway
05/12/2010Belfast, United Kingdom
09/22/2010Christchurch, New Zealand

Created by: Michal Stankoviansky